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With a Doctor's Prescription for TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy, you can purchase androgen steroid hormones used for male hormone replacement therapy. What kinds of Testosterone can you buy? Below, we discuss the types of Testosterone available for sale in the USA.

Cypionate Testosterone

Testosterone Cypionate

The form of testosterone injection known as Cypionate is a long acting natural oil based hormone injectable sold by Pfizer (Pharmacia & Upjohn) under the brand name Depo-Testosterone®. Paddock, Watson, Sandoz, Teva, Bedford, Hikma, Mylan, Quad Pharms and Sun Pharma also have testosterone cypionate formulations available for sale.

Enanthate Testosterone

Testosterone Enanthate

The form of testosterone injection known as Enanthate is a long acting natural oil based hormone injectable sold by Endo Pharms and Indevus under the brand name Delatestryl® - Enanthate Injections,. West-Ward, Hikma, Paddock, Mylan and Sandoz also have testosterone enanthate formulations available for sale.

Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate Injections

For most men on testosterone replacement therapy, both forms of androgen hormone are slow-acting testosterone esters with a similar effective medication release time of between one to two weeks. Depending on a man's body chemistry and hormone profile, some men experience a greater boost or effect from cypionate than from enanthate. On the other hand some men prefer to have less peaks and valleys in their T hormone levels and find that the enanthate injections are better for that. Again depending upon the man's system, water retention may be greater with cypionate vs enanthate. Testosterone Enanthate injections are suspended in sesame oil while cypionate is suspended in cottonseed oil. Some men find the sesame seed oil a better match for their systems than the cottonseed oil as small reactions to cottonseed oil are quite common, while others find no difference at all.

Another difference between Cypionate and Enanthate is that the enanthate injections are manufactured more widely throughout the world. Testosterone cypionate injections are less common outside the United States. Enanthate forms of androgen have a 7-carbon ester chain while cypionate has an 8-carbon ester chain. The more carbons the ester group has, the more soluble in oil and longer lasting as it is less soluble in water. Cypionate injections have a slightly slower release time and longer active life but most men find the difference imperceivable. Some men do however prefer the more concentrated form of testosterone found in the enanthate form due to being one atom lighter with more testosterone per mg.

Testosterone Cost is another difference when choosing between enanthate injections vs. cypionate injections. Testosterone cypionate tends to be slightly more expensive than enanthate.

Propionate Testosterone

Testosterone Propionate

The Propionate form of testosterone injection only slows down the release for a few days requiring more frequent injections. Testosterone propionate injections are sold by Watson Labs, Eli Lilly, Elkins, Bel Mar and Quad Pharma. The frequency of administration affords some men the even, stable infusion of androgens into their bodies. The results and impact of this form of testosterone replacement are sometimes experienced more quickly and so careful monitoring by the prescribing physician to properly manage any side effects of aromatase or estrogen buildup is essential.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone Booster Nandrolone Decanoate

Nandrolone is a very long acting androgenic compound sold by American Regent under the brand name Nandrolone Decanoate (DECA-DURABOLIN). The release time can be up to three to four weeks and exhibits weaker androgenic properties and side effects than testosterone cypionate or enanthate. Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca) has become popular because there is a much lower tendency for the aramotase reaction (conversion from testosterone to estrogen) to occur, or for men to experience water retention.

Nandrolone has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, benefit the immune system and to lubricate the joints. Nandrolone can be combined with a variety of esters to prolong its release - cypionate, laurate, decanoate or phenylpropionate, and is highly anabolic or muscle building while being moderately androgenic.

Topical Testosterone Gels & Creams

Testosterone Transdermal Creams, Gels & Patches

Androgel® Gel (Abbott Labs (AbbVie), Testim® Gel (Auxilium / DPT Labs), Axiron® (Underarm Gel) Eli Lilly; Androderm® Patches, Testoderm® Patches, Testopel® (Hormone Pellets - Bartor Pharmacal), Fortesta® Gel, Striant® Buccal Gums are all available for sale with a variety of dosages.

How Much does Testosterone Cost?

Testosterone Therapy Prices in the USA

Typical Cost of a Testosterone Program

Depending upon the type of testosterone therapy prescribed, the current androgen hormone levels, frequency of application or administration and the hormone delivery method used - the price of testosterone treatment can range from approximately $150 to $500 per month. A complete Low Testosterone Replacement Program will also include follow up blood tests, auxiliary hormone medications including HCG injections and Aromatase Inhibitors such as Arimidex® to prevent much testosterone from building up in the body which will then convert itself to estrogen. If Human Growth Hormone is needed, then the costs of hormone replacement therapy with HGH injections will be well over $1,000.

Does Insurance pay for the Cost of Testosterone?

How much does testosterone replacement therapy cost? Will Insurance Cover the price?

People with insurance coverage want to know if their insurance will cover the cost of testpsterone therapy?. In some cases insurance will cover the cost of certain testosterone drugs, but in many cases only part of the cost of a complete testosterone program may be covered. In many cases, only a gel, cream or patch may be covered but the cost of injectable testosterones are not reimbursable. In cases, where insurance does not cover the price of your testosterone drugs, you need to ask your Low T clinic or doctor, "What is the price of testosterone without insurance?". The most affordale type of Testosterone for sale is Testosterone injections which on a per shot basis, often cost less than other methods of testosterone steroid hormone delivery, and can range from a low cost of $40 a month to as high as $400 a month, depending on dosage and injection frequency. Testosterone Injections Cost.

Men's testosterone levels decline as they age and it could be Low Testosterone that is causing excessive weight gain, loss of sex drive, softer than normal erections, flabby muscles, unexplained mood swings, irritability, extreme fatigue, inability to sleep and depression. If your testosterone is low enough you may already have symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

Low Testosterone Treatment with Injections to Boost Testosterone at

Testosterone declines with age. As you age your testosterone levels drop. It is normally a gradual process and so you may have not noticed less sexual arousal, less morning erections, shorter night's rest, increasing bursts of anger, or the inability for your muscles to recover after working out.

Testosterone Treatment with Low T Injections at

Types of Testosterone for Sale

The four main types of testosterone used for androgen replacement therapy are cypionate, enanthate, undecanoate and propionate. Depo-Testosterone made by Pfizer is one of the most popular forms of TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy prescribed for men with Low T, or Andropause (hypogonadism). Depo-Testosterone Cypionate is also widely prescribed for Erectile Dysfunction therapy by urologists and male sexual health specialists. Each testosterone ester has a different half life and are very effective for replacing low testosterone levels in men. The best testosterone you can buy is FDA approved as it is pharmaceutical grade providing the best before and after testosterone treatment results. You can read more about each of the types of testosterone for sale:

Where to Buy Testosterone Cypionate at the Best Price.

Where to Buy Depo-Testosterone at the Best Price.

Where to Buy Testosterone Enanthate at the Best Price.

Where to Buy Testosterone Propionate at the Best Price.

Where to Buy Erectile Dysfunction Drug Medicines Online

Men who discover they have Low T are using Male Hormone Replacement including testosterone injections in order to boost their Low T levels. With testosterone hormone replacement they are able to increase their energy and metabolism, burn fat and lose weight, build hard muscle, restore their sex drive and frequency of sex, improve their mood, sleep better and recover faster from workouts.

Low T Symptoms Test. A fast simple blood test is all you need to find out if low testosterone levels are responsible for your symptoms. Low T in middle-aged men has been linked to serious age-related health risks including cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, obesity and even an increase in death.

Testosterone in men is responsible for a healthy sex drive and stong muscles, bone density, physical strength and mental acuity, metabolism and fat distribution, sperm and red blood cell production. By your 30's, your testosterone levels have already started to decline by 1-2% per year and by your 40's and 50's low testosterone symptoms will begin to appear.

Many men are reluctant to talk about having Low T with their spouse, friends or even their family doctor. Testosterone therapy can help and slowly the stigma associated with low testosterone levels and male sexual performance problems caused by impotence and erectile dysfunction are becoming progressively less as the population ages and hormonal deficiency and imbalance become a more common occurance.

Since every male will experience low testosterone levels at some point in his life, it makes sense to explore possible treatment options and discuss symptoms with a male hormone specialist. In the US, it is estimated that 4 to 5 million American men may be suffering from low testosterone levels.

You might have been searching for 'low t', 'low testosterone', 'testosterone for sale online', where can I get testosterone online?, or 'low t therapy' online because you've heard about testosterone therapy, saw the Low T commercial or testosterone replacement on TV talk shows, in a magazine or through a friend. The topic of low t is no longer something to hide from and if you thik you may have low t symptoms, then make a call and find out about it.

Do You Suffer From Low Testosterone Levels (LOW T)?

Ask yourself:

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, (LOW T) - low testosterone levels may be to blame. You may be experiencing andropause (hypogonadism), the male version of menopause. During andropause, men experience a deficiency in testosterone, however, some men experience a faster decline resulting in a lower level sooner. The testosterone deficiency causing adverse health conditions is known as Low Testosterone or Low T.

Symptoms associated with Low T are in addition to the normal signs of aging. Low T is completely treatable, reversible and even preventable with proper hormone replacement, nutrition and exercise. Many times testosterone treatment injections are combined with HGH Injectons for a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Testosterone Positive Effects

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy offers a solution for men experiencing symptoms associated with low levels of testosterone hormone. The testosterone therapy programs at Optimal Hormone Therapy are designed to restore testosterone levels to what they were when you were in optimal health, for most people this was around age 25.

Potential benefits of testosterone therapy include:

Testosterone solutions for Sale

Testosterone Treatment Options:

Low T due to Andropause is a treatable and reversible male health condition. You needn't let Low T impact your self-esteem, your work life or your romantic relationships. You don't need to suffer, Male Hormone Therapy using Testosterone Treatment for Men can help. If you are among the millions of men experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, get tested and treated today.

The physicians at Optimal Hormone Therapy are Mayo-Clinic® and Cenegenics® trained nationally recognized experts in the field of hormone replacement therapy. If you think you may be suffering from low testosterone or ED symptoms caused by a male hormone deficiency, schedule an appointment to have a complete and thorough analysis of your health. Once completed we will decide together with you which type of treatment is right for you. Our Testosterone Treatment Centers offer natural or Bio-Identical Testosterone Replacement, HGH Human Growth Hormone Replacement, and ED Treatment using Testosterone, Caverject and Trimix Injections for male impotence.

Rejuvenate yourself and your health. Restore your sex drive and desire, lose weight and increase your energy, mental alertness, strength and stamina.

Call Optimal Hormone Therapy at (888) 663-1777 to find out if you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy and other hormone enhancing treatments.

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