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Best ED Physicians, Urologists and Erectile Treatments for Men with Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms who have already tried Male Enhancement Pills

ED Treatment Solutions for Men Experiencing Extreme Male Impotence who need more effective ED Treatments than typical Male Enhancement Solutions

Urology Doctors Offering Men with Severe ED the Most Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatments including LI Shockwave Therapy, ED Injections and Testosterone Supplementation.

Men taking ED Drugs or Male Impotence Medications want to know How fast will I see results from ED Therapy? This is the main question ED Therapy patients ask their doctors after starting erectile dysfunction treatment. The posiitive sexual health effects are why men want to undergo ED Therapy in the first place, so you will be anxious to know what ED medicines and procedures are the most effective, how much they cost and how long will it take to see expected treatment results.

Contact an ED Physician today at 1-866-397-8880 for a Free Male Sexual Health Consultation and learn about the most effective Male Impotence Therapy for Aging Men!

Call Optimal Hormone Therapy 1-866-397-8880 for Aging Men's Erectile Dysfunction Therapy (Male Impotence Treatment) including Trimix Injections, Trimix Gel, Double Strength Trimix, Caverject Impulse, Edex, Muse, BiMix, Quadmix, Testosterone Injections for ED, Low-Intensity Shockwave Penile Treatment, Acoustic Wave ED Treatment, P-Shot® for ED, Priapus Injections, PRP Injections for ED, Gainswave for ED, Ultrasound Treatment for ED, Male Enhancement Pills for ED, HCG and HGH Injections for ED Therapy. Optimal Hormone Therapy Center Doctors are Endocrine, Urology, Sexual Health & Wellness, Age Management, Longevity Treatment, Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medical Specialists

Among the wide range of treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED), such as pills, injections, and penile implants, one of the safest and non-invasive treatments is VED. Vacuum erection device therapy for ED is also the only natural, drug-free treatment for erectile dysfunction proven more than 90 percent effective. VED therapy also works for diabetic and high blood pressure patients and is not associated with side effects that occur with oral medications.

Most Common ED Therapies for Severe ED

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options used in Advanced Urological Care

Severe ED Treatment Options: A variety of treatment options are available for men suffering with Erectile Dysfunction and a proper medical evaluation should be undertaken before starting any male impotence therapy. Because many male impotence symptoms are caused by vascular and blood glucose levels, one of the main goals in treating ED is to get your blood sugar levels, cardiovascular health and blood pressure under control.

Erectile Dysfunction Therapy - Diagnosis, ED Testing and Treatment Solutions for Men - ED Clinic

Erectile Dysfunction treatment Solutions. Understand what can cause ED which is the inability to get and maintain an erection firm enough to engage in sex, and discover the possible treatment options including ED Drugs, Penile Injections, Acoustic Wave Therapy using Shockwave Therapy for ED, and P-Shot® for Erectile Dysfunction.

Benefits of Severe ED Treatment

What Are the Benefits of Getting Treatment for Severe Male Impotence

By increasing testosterone levels, reducing blood vessel plaque, expanding existing blood vessels, and generating new ones, ED Treatment helps to improve blood flow to the penis and offers men with ED these benefits:

ED Treatment Options in the USA

An occasional loss of erection is normal and nothing to worry about. But if you have weak erections or are consistently unable to get an erection, you should see a physician specialist in this urological area, either a doctor specializing in erectile dysfunction, or an urologist. Only an urologist can treat all forms of ED severity using treatments and procedures that cn help make all forms of ED are treatable.

Various ED Treatment Options are available for men with Erectile Dysfunction and a proper evaluation should be done before prior to starting any therapy. Typically, the first goal in treating ED is to get your blood sugar level or blood pressure under control. If you smoke cigarettes, it is strongly recommended that you stop, as tobacco causes blood vessels to narrow. If oral erectile medications are appropiate, your ED Physician would recommend oral drugs and you may also be prescribed one of the three oral PDE5 Inhibitors - Cialis, Levitra or Viagra.

Doctors who Treat Severe ED

What are the best physicians to treat symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

The best physicians to treat Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Health problems are Urologists, Male Hormone Specialists, Penile Surgeon, and Anti-Aging Doctors with experience treating male impotence.

ED Drug Medications

Medication therapy is extremely effective in augmenting the quality of man's erection such that he is able to have satisfactory intercourse. Indeed medications referred to as phosphodiesterase inhibitors such as Cialis, Viagra, Levitra and Stendra work in 65% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Cialis is currently the preferred drug since it is the only one that may be taking on a full stomach and lasts for 36 hours. This favors a more romantic and natural sexual interaction. Planning kills the mood! However, studies have shown that fewer then 50% of men with ED and Diabetes respond to oral medicines. Also,fewer than 35% of men with ED after prostate cancer surgery respond to oral medicines. For these men the Internal Penile Implant is currently the best option. The Penile Implant is an approved medical option that has been used for over 30 years. During the course of a 45-minute outpatient procedure, the pump is inserted through a small one-inch opening in the scrotal sac. By squeezing the pump, fluid is pumped, resulting in a long lasting erection. Once inserted, there is no maintenance required for the pump and can remain in place for a lifetime.


Brand name: Cialis, Vasodilator - used to treat erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostate. It can also treat high blood pressure.


Brand name: Levitra; Staxyn, Vasodilator - used to treat erectile dysfunction.


Brand name: Viagra; Revatio, Vasodilator - used to treat erectile dysfunction. It can also treat high blood pressure.

External ED Devices

Other treatment options such as penile self-injection therapy, external vacuum pumps and the medicated urethral system for erection are in rare occasions an effective long-term treatment. Only a very small percentage of men will continue with these treatments as evidenced by a very high drop out rate and a very low refill rate. These treatments require extensive planning which interferes with spontaneity. This may be the reason why the refill rate is so low and the drop out of treatment so high.

Shockwave Therapy for Men with Severe Erectile Dysfunction

Internal Penile Pump (Penile Implant)

Men who do not respond or tolerate oral medications are best treated with an internal penile pump (IPP) commonly known as an inflatable implant. The Internal Penile Pump is an inflatable, water-filled device. During the course of a 45-minute outpatient procedure, the pump is inserted through a one-inch opening in the scrotal sac. By squeezing the pump, (which is contained completely within the scrotum), for approximately a minute, fluid is pumped into the penis, resulting in a long lasting erection. To return the penis to its flaccid state, simply press and hold down the pump. Once inserted, there is no maintenance required for the pump, which can remain in place for a lifetime. Couples are once again able to have spontaneous sex. Normal sensation including orgasm and ejaculation are not affected.

ED Drugs: How soon they start working and how long erections last.

How long does it take for ED medications to work and how long the effects will last.

Men with erectile problems want to know which drug is best for erectile dysfunction? The effectiveness and duration of an ED medicine, as well as the price can help men decide which erectile drug treatment is best for him

Note: Papaverine is a vasodilator; Alprostadil is a prostaglandin; Phentolamine is an alpha blocker.

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